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Shetland has become a hot spot for visitors who want to experience the long summer sunshine but don't write off winter as a time to visit Shetland.

The northerly location of Shetland makes it a special place to see amazing night skies, including The Milky Way, shooting stars and the stunning, magical looking Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. The calm, frosty evenings are perfect for a wonderful green coloured light show - keep your eyes facing north after dark.

The weather can be varied with some strong winds and changing weather conditions but the landscapes become untamed by the large waves lapping the striking coastlines. It is majestic and very photogenic. It's important to remember when visiting Shetland in the winter that there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothes. :-)

The furthest you can get from the sea in Shetland is 3 miles so when the weather is nice, and it really can be between October and March, why not head to the amazing white, sandy beaches found throughout our island archipelago.

The community spirit in winter comes into its own with events held in many of the local halls. These include the world famous Up Helly Aa festivals as well as charity events, quiz nights, traditional dances, concerts, etc. Check out the What's on Shetland website (www.whatsonshetland.com) for details of things to do.

Indulging into the Shetland's larder of wonderful heart warming local produce is definitely worth visiting for. Expect the freshest of seafood, delicious island reared beef, lamb, mutton and pork, not forgetting the amazing sweet treats. Winter is the best time to try the most traditional of dishes, Reestit Mutton, a brine soaked and dried piece of sheep often made into a potato and vegetable soup. The local fish and chips have been said to taste better when the wind and rain is lashing on the window.

One other favourite past time in Shetland is what's know locally as "Redding Up Kin" when people explore their family tree and help others trace their ancestral, historic family members. In past and present times Shetlanders are wide travelled and therefore many people from across the world can trace family members back to the Shetland Islands. Why don't you spend some time trying to find yours?

I hope your appetite has been whetted for an out of season visit to the Shetland Islands. It's a special place any time of year.

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